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about us

Who are we?

The Tuition Hub is a startup of LUMS students to provide not only quality education to students to achieve their goals but we assist parents too, to find the best and trustworthy tutors for their children. The Tuition Hub, a premier organization to provide coaching services across the Lahore, is founded by Muhammad Shiraz Ahmad (current LUMS student) and assisted by fellow luminites (Muhammad Junaid Arshad, Muhammad Yasin, Muhammad Bilal Azam, and Zia Ahmad).

Why choose us?

Being a leading organization in tutoring students, we have currently more than a thousand tutors for a wide range of classes and a variety of subjects and our database in increasing exponentially day by day. Since we believe in gender equality, our database is equipped with an equal proportion of male and female tutors. 

The Tuition Hub is established with an aim to provide parents and students on-demand affordable and highly skilled tutors tailored to your needs and demands. We are intended to assist your children, at your doorstep, through our finest services which may help your children not only in studies but also in skills, knowledge, concepts, intelligence quotient (IQ) and confidence, to excel in all fields and subjects. Because we don’t believe in tutoring, we believe in mentoring.

In this age of social media, there are scams and fraud about home tutoring services but we assure and guarantee you of a controlled and monitored systems for all our clients with our regularly check and balance system.

What do we offer?

We offer tutors for a wide range of subjects and classes from kindergarten to matriculation, from O/A levels to FSc (pre-medical/engineering), FA, Commerce group. We are also the leading marketplace to assist you at university in your core and specialized courses too. Just name the course and we will always be there to aid to.

With our mainstream coaching service, we also provide Nazra (Quran reading), Quran-e-Pak with Tajweed and Nurani Qaida from qualified and adept Quran teachers.

We offer career counseling services too. We assist students to take the right step for their career. We counsel them in the choice of career and selection of subjects. Our experts are available all the time. We have professional and skilled experts from different fields which can help students in not only boosting their confidence and polishing their skills but aware them with new horizons in different fields too.


For all our services, we offer a three-day free trial, so you can assess us before paying. We are a group of students from LUMS working together for the betterment and future of the young generation.


Contact us


  • D.H.A, Lahore Cantt.، Lahore, 54792
  • 03007352047 03318848466
  • Office hours:

    Monday-Sunday 08:00 - 21:00
    Only public holidays Closed